BIMA is made up of talented, intelligent and adventurous individuals. Our success is a reflection of the strength of our team. We are ambitious and love to immerse ourselves in new cultures. We have the spirit and energy of a start-up, but the maturity, financial clout and confidence that comes with being an industry leader.

Values and Equality

We live by our values. They capture the essence of our business; they are what makes BIMA special, successful and a place where we all love to work.

Earn and Give Respect

We show consideration for each other and for our customers. We celebrate diversity and are kind and sensitive when discussing ways in which we are different.

Think Big Start Small

We imagine solutions that will challenge the status quo. We start small, take time to get it right, then we let it fly. We empower our people to share and test their ideas and we believe in growing our people because every employee can have an impact on the business.


Take Ownership

Every one of our employees has a responsibility to our customers to deliver value and service. We recognise and reward people who take initiative, follow through on ideas with analysis and action, and go beyond their role to make BIMA a better business.


Our Values in Action - RUN

RUN is BIMA’s global diversity programme – focused on empowering women and changing gender biases around the world. At BIMA we believe that changing the world through our business activities of insurance and mHealth services is not enough. We need to change the way we work, to ensure all people are represented, starting with women. We want women to RUN, not walk. RUN, because we want women to RUN projects, not sit in the back, but instead take leadership and ownership.

What are we doing?

We are supporting women both in and outside of BIMA grow. Women in our country programme offices are mentored by someone in our global management team, to support their professional and personal development. They receive training in business, gender bias and communication skills. Since we started in 2016, we have expanded the scope to reach as many women as possible in our markets. In 2018, the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) committed to support RUN over the next two years, enabling BIMA to further develop the RUN programme and make an even greater impact on promoting gender diversity and advancing women’s careers.

Ethics Policy

Doing the right thing

It’s essential to BIMA and to our business that our staff, partners and suppliers support our values and put them into practice across all their activities. We have set out here the ethical standards we expect from ourselves and from those with whom we do business. We consider that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing are vital to the success and mission of the company.

We strive to act honestly, openly, fairly and ethically wherever we do business. Our reputation is built on our values as a company, the values of our employees and our collective commitment to acting with integrity always, and in all ways.

Rights & Responsibilities

We have a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and discrimination. We have policies in place so all staff are aware of their rights and what to do if they feel their rights are being violated.

Whistleblowing Policy

We have a confidential whistleblowing policy that allows staff, customers and stakeholders to report any behaviour which breaks the code of conduct or causes them concern.


We run a clean and ethical business that is entirely free from corruption and fraud. We operate a zero-tolerance policy in regard to corrupt behavior.
We consider that our ethical policies will contribute to a better, more transparent, kinder approach.

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Code of conduct
Suppliers code of conduct
Gustaf Agartson – CEO
Milvik AB (trading as BIMA)