BIMA is the best employer where we develop our people with earn and give respect, take ownership and think big with start small. Let’s start a new chapter of your career with BIMA to unlock your potential and talent in yourself here.

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Why work with BIMA?

BIMA is a part of Milvik Group, we are a collaborative company culture is one that celebrate teamwork and maximize employee distinct skills sets and competencies. In this type of culture collaboration is deliberate and regular.
In a respectful company culture, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions with the knowledge that their team members will remain open-minded and courteous. A positive work environment where employee treat one another with respect generally encourages high levels of productivity.
Trust is essential for building strong and healthy working relationships. In a trusting workplace culture, employees know they have the freedom to speak openly. Moreover, they receive encouragement and positive feedback for doing so, regardless of the subject matter. This helps to build trust between the company’s leadership and its team members.
You will have the opportunity to overseas job exchanges and site visit to learn about professional job in different BIMA markets. We are a profit business company, but we also help to protect your financial families who is low-income. We try to build local teams that fast learner and growth together. Our recruitment is rigorous, but it has helped us to build an inspiring team that shares strong knowledge.
We bring you interest without any hesitation being a part of us. Grab your opportunity to show your potential. With the exited job opportunity with BIMA Cambodia please contact us via [email protected] or visit our careers website WWW. Careers – BIMA Cambodia to find out more about what it’s like to work with us and search and apply for jobs.

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